What is the most widely used currency in Tanzania and Zanzibar?

More Information About Money in Tanzania and Zanzibar The easiest way to access money while travelling in Tanzania is at ATMs using a Visa card. Tanzania’s currency is the Tanzanian shilling (Tsh). There are bills of Tsh500, Tsh1000, Tsh5000 and Tsh10,000, and coins of Tsh1, Tsh5, Tsh10 (although these three are rarely encountered), Tsh20, Tsh50, […]

Trekking packing list

Climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Climber’s Packing List Baggage Day pack, for you to carry Large duffel bag or backpack, for porters to carry – The weight per porter is limited to 15 kg (35lb). If you bring overweight luggage, every 15 kg will be charged extra at 100 US$ for an extra porter for the whole climb. Your backpack/duffel […]